Publishing Administration

Work with us as your publishing admin or set up as your own publisher, the choice is yours.

Should you choose to work with us as your publishing admin this probably also means that you're working with us for management and production: This most likely means you've signed with us.

Otherwise, we'll help you each step of the way.

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More Information

Sign with Mode Productions in order to automatically receive mechanical royalties less our management fees. You'll get a whole host of other benefits to go with that as well.

If you're more of the DIY musician, band manager, entrepreneur type. Mode collects a small fee to walk you through the process of registering with Songtrust. This is absolutely necessary in order to receive any mechanical or sync licensing.

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Every Listen Counts

Sure you can just trust that your aggregator is doing the right thing... But why not be absolutely sure?

Making money from music

This IS Your Living

We're all passionate about "the music" but we all also have rent and cars and adult things.

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Maximize Your Potential

Music Business Revenue has two faces. Your aggregator promises 100% of one of them...
Do YOU know the difference?

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