So you've made a track... Now what, right? Mode Productions makes it simple to make sure your music is available on every platform and every device.

Plus... Sell merchandise, tickets, physical media and more with your custom artist website built and managed by the Mode team.

Music Distribution

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Making the music for your fans is arguably the easiest part of dealing with the music business. You've spent the time running through takes, making adjustments and scrutinizing the details of the track. Now you've got to spend hours going through and making sure that your aggregator has all the right information and distributes the music to appropriate locations. "Do I go with TuneCore?", "Hey Google, what's the best Music Aggregator for 2020?" Skip all that and let us do what we do best.

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Every Platform

Let our team of experts help you choose which platforms you want your music available on. It's what we do...

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Digital Streams

With expert help you'll make sure your songs are streaming everywhere that someone is listening.

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Use your custom artist website to announce show schedules and sell your merchandise for increased revenue.

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