Anthony Mikeska

Music Producer/Engineer

Full Sail University Graduate 2017
(Music Production Bachelors)

Focusing on songwriting and sound design, Anthony has carved out his own niche in the music industry. Anthony brings serious retro vibes everywhere he goes. Nothing beats the warm tone created by analog audio. He won’t sacrifice dynamics for volume.

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Candy Mikeska

Music Business/Marketing

Full Sail University Graduate 2021
(Music Business Bachelors)

She uses her vibrant personality and organizational skills to cultivate connection between the artist and fans. She achieves this by maintaining consistency in tour schedules, social media voice, and by fostering strong relationships.

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Our Values

Artist First Relationship

You are the most important part of what we do. Our goal is to protect your creative vision while ensuring you maintain creative control.


We provide the same service to each of our artists with the same level of enthusiasm and commitment.


The foundation of any relationship should start with good communication. Our relationship with you is no exception.


It is our belief that art is a direct expression of the artist. We want to encourage our artists to remain genuine and true to their craft.

Culture Focused

In an ever changing industry it's important to remain relevant. We immerse ourselves in the current music scene and never shy away from change.


Our policy is to enter every agreement with transparency. It's the right thing to do.